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" Love for Life ,
Wild at Heart,
Fighting for my Dreams"

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Guenter Erik Hortz has redefined the tenet of classic impressionism with his totally distinctive style.

To Hortz true impressionism is an emotional and mental connection between the artist and the viewer.  The magic of creativity comes into play as Hortz expresses the overflowing and irresistible interplay of color, light and subject in perfect harmony.

A connection evolves that stirs the emotions and creates the true artistic experience for me and my audience. I donít believe in longwinded manifestos. The paintings can speak for themselves more honestly than anything I could say. I will say that I only paint things for which I have a strong emotional attraction.

Now in his renaissance, Hortz is in the process of creating a series of paintings which embrace the soul of mankind, “The Seven Virtues and Seven Sins” presents the contrast between the good and the evil, the Yin and the Yang – mankind's conflict with themselves.  His leading works of art for the series, “Angel Guarding The Seven Virtues”, “Envy”, “Gluttony”, “Shine”, “Leda and The Swan”, “Mystic Muse and The Red Pony”, “MidSummer Nights Dream” and “Lady in the Red Dress”, are artistically beautiful, engaging, thought provoking and unique, a true collectors item.  They are presently on display in the gallery.  Other new pieces are in the process at this time and will soon be released .

We offer the collection in an assortment of sizes, and in 75 Limited Editions.  For further price information and specifics consult each painting or email us for more information regarding special size requests.

All pieces of art are for sale and can be ordered here online.

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